How to install

Using pip

If you are using pyenv or don’t need special root access to install:

$ pip install trepan3k

If you need root access you may insert sudo in front or become root:

$ sudo pip install trepan3k


$ su root
# pip install trepan3k

Using easy_install

Basically the same as using pip, but change “pip install” to “easy_install”:

$ easy_install trepan3k # or trepan2 for Python 2.x
$ git clone
$ cd python-trepan
$ make check-short # to run tests
$ make install # if pythonbrew or you don't need root access
$ sudo make install # if pythonbrew or you do need root access

Above I used GNU “make” to run and install. However this just calls python to do the right thing. So if you are more familiar with you can use that directly. For example:

$ ./ test
$ ./ install